Monday, March 15, 2010

Last Update About Him

It will be my last post about him, as I have decided to let him live his own life.
After four months absent, three days ago he came in contact with me and told me that he has moved to another country with his wife to setup a business. He also told me that he is soon going to be a father and would like to name her 'Frita' if it is a daughter. He said he is very happy.
It was not easy to know he is going to be a father because it only means that he loves his wife and perfectly living his life... there's no more place for me. His words kept resounding in my head "I'm soon going to be a father"
Then I realized that I don't want to indulge myself in my fantasies about him anymore, I don't want to be the bad person who keeps a feeling for someone else's husband. It should be over here and now.
It took me three days to make up my mind, that is why I didn't write this earlier. However, I'm feeling better now and I have the courage to live my own life happily too.


Mii☆ said...

Hello, Sheila let me know about your blog and I'm following these days. I guess I understand how you feel a lot, and am proud of you to say that you won't think about him anymore because it's really hard thing...

Izzy! said...

Dear, your amazing. I don't know who the hell this boy is, but he doesn't deserve you. You have gotten your heart broken by him to many times. This is great. Think of him as a stupid guy. There's no reason to cry about him, he's so assanine that he can't accept being in a relationship anyway. Your very strong and I congragulate you for getting through this. Not thinking or posting about him anymore is a huge step that is very difficult. When my boyfriend breaks up with me (this will be in a very long time) I'm going to post about him for months. I only read a few of your posts, but, darling, this is amazing. You are so good to move on. This boy doesn't deserve you, you don't deserve this kind of torture from such an immature little ass. Your amazing, Frita.

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Khmer Basket said...

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Sarade said...

Wow. Why do we, as females, allow guys to walk all over us? I think most of us do. Be strong, and don't be afraid to be alone. You will find someone much better..someone who does not have someone else.

Lindsay said...

It is true this guy obviously doesn't deserve you! And I am majorly impressed by the way you handled the situation!

Gigi Sabeth said...

he doesnt deserve you. nor do you need him. life is full of heartbreaks and happiness. this was your life heartbreak next to come would be happiness and real true love. dont give up!

Frita Amrita said...

thanks for the encouragement Lindsay and Gigi, really what u said has made me smile :)

Ayham Tamari said...

I don't get the point of this blog entry, you want to forget about him, yet you write about him. Counter-intuitive no?

bibhash said...

sad story :(

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shizzleboom said...

wow. what an asshole. you go girl (:
im 14 by the way.
live on with your life.
you can do it.

Anonymous said...

Gostei do jeito que vc aprendeu a agi isso lh ajudar a viver a sua própria vida sem esperar por ele! isso vai ser bom principalmente pra vc!!!!!!!! bjs garota e continui assim!!!!!

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tryme said...

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Anonymous said...

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anuar said...

Its difficult to let go, I can understand. I came across a friend who is in the same position as you. The fact is, the guy is using you as distraction for his issues with his wife. Its not worth you time to prolong the relationship. Its difficult, I know,.. but it will get better with time. Focus on other things that can make you happy. Try to let it go... Wish you the best.

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Preet said...

hey... whatever u have decided is good for you.. im sure u'll be happy. God bless you.

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Bella said...

Frita you deserve more! Stay strong. You're amazin.

LifeInLargePrint said...

I hope you feel well again soon love xxx

Irritable Charm said...

This goes for both sexes. We sometimes fall more in love with someone who can not possibly love us as we do them.
It's easier said then done but it is better to cut all ties and move on to better things.

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Anonymous said...

did you do it with him?