Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You Can't Mess With Me

Hi Hi :)
Wonderful morning isn't it? Laughed with the boss on the way to the office. Had a good chat with my clients.. discussed about Netherland. You know what, there aren't many tulips can be seen anywhere in Netherland, you can only see tulips in certain places. Bicycling will be a fun thing to do there since cities in Netherland are not so dense, quiet, and showered with light rain most of the time :)) niceeee weather. Hmm maybe I could go there someday... soon :)

Anyway, thinking back about the heart broken relations I had made me realize that it was my weakness of letting things went out of what I accept as "good" and let them messed with me. Yes, that was really wrong! I shouldn't have ignore my boundaries, I shouldn't have let things turned out ugly for me, I shouldn't have let them messed with me.

I DESERVE the man I WANT. I will not forget my happy ever after.
I'm not going to throw my confidence and self esteem down the toilet again. I will recognize when things go beyond my boundaries, and that time I will not put any energy to make them right. It will be the time I say surely "You can't mess with me"

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