Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nothing You Confess Would Make Me Love You Less

What true love is? I believe that love is when there is nothing he confesses can make me love him less.
Yesterday I heard a shocking confession from him which I couldn't describe here in details. Those are his secrets which I would take to my death bed.
Long story short, his confession made me realize why Allah doesn't destined him to be mine. I'm sad to hear that from him, those times must be a hard time for him... but at the other hand I'm relieved. Now I can let him go, let him fly and hopefully he'll find peace in this life.
I don't hate you for what you confessed, but it did make me love you less. I just found out that my love for you wasn't that what I believe as true love.
Then I asked myself, "really?"


wrongERRORproblem said...

I m sorry to read that

NewLeaf said...

At least he confessed. Truth hurts but it's always the best.

Nobody loves you more than you love yourself. Always remember that when you're in misery, you are also putting those around you in misery, especially those who care the most for you.

Speaking from experience.
New Leaf

Anonymous said...

I remember that kind of pain. It passes, slowly. Only outsiders can see what a BASTARD MAN he is. You may continue to love him and ultimately hate yourself for doing so.
One thing I remember well - I set myself up for the misery. Finally I had a notion...may you find yours.
Theta Irewyk

Frita Amrita said...

thanks Theta and New leaf, I have overcome this sadness. What he confessed was nothing that would harm me, but more to harm him. Thus, I hope he would realize that what he did was a mistake.

alexa said...