Friday, September 5, 2008

Since I Chat Online

I Met My Mr. Right Through Chatting in IRC

by jenny

Here it goes.. a long story, yet I wish some people will be appreciated it. Have you guys ever wonder that you gonna find yourself a mate through internet. I have, i found my mate, a guy who is so sweet, loving, with sense of humour.. he has all the good character of a gentleman.

I went to a cybercafe on that day, and at there I started to chat in MiRC (as it was famous among youngster to make friends). He used the nick 'Mrsingle'. I clicked on him and we chat for a long time. He asked for my phone number and without hesitation, I gave my home phone number, wishing he would call me and talk with me at the phone, later at night. He also asked if I would not mind to meet him.

In my heart, I can felt my heartbeat beating fast and thinking was it okay to meet him? Would he do anything bad on me? I looked over all our chatting conversation..i felt i can trust him ..why not meet him? Sure he won't do anything bad on me. I told him how I looked like and what dress I wore.

He came to me at last to pick me up and I still remember my first impression on him. He looked dark, cute face with dimple on his cheeks. At that time, he wore a jersey in blue color and black pant, not a good way of dressing to date a gal, I said to myself. But never mind... at least he showed up to meet me in person. So I paid my usage of computer, and went with him. He brought me to his workplace and saying sorry that he still have some works to be done and asked if I wouldn't mind to sit and wait for him for few minutes. He treated me some ice-cream and a soda. I watched him working and I found it was so fascinating and nice. He even asked why I keep looking at him and smiled sheepishly at him. I ignored his question and keep flirting him with my eyes and smiles. We talk a lot about our works and life.

After that, we went to his car together. I asked where we are planning to go now and he asked do I mind if he gonna bring me home, and I said okay .On the way, he make the first move, he held my hand and hold it tightly, without letting go. He drove one-handed all the way.

Along the way, I kept looking at him and my heart seems like beating thousands times in a minute. I kept asking myself is he the one that I have keep on waiting. He just kept quiet and drove, we had enjoyed the silence in the car, holdings hands tightly.

When the car going to reach my house, I asked if he would like to bring me around again or maybe to a place before sending me home. I don't want to go home at this time, I told him and he said okay. We went to a dark place, a location where a couple would spend the whole evening there. All these sensations and feelings came out from my heart. I had never felt like this before to a guy, maybe it is what it called love at first sight through cyber.

We dated, keeping contacts and never miss a single day, calling each other through phones. I felt every minutes without him, I would miss him like I haven't seen him for a long time. Now we have dated each other for 2 and a half year and we love each other so much.

I have got myself a Mr. Right through internet-chatting. Every single day and night I am with him. I have never felt like this before. We are planning to get marry at this end of the year, and God bless us that we can be together as husband and wife. I loved him so much and with my whole heart, without him, I would felt like I am losing a soul mate in my life. He is everything that I have ever had, my best friend, my partner, my soul mate and of course my Mr. Right.


awww... what can I say?

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