Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Winter

It's night at 8.23pm and here I am thinking of you. Feel like writing my feelings down because I never had the chance to tell you all. It wasn't long ago when summer came to my life with you. Everything was wonderful, you told me about how beautiful the spring that has just passed before summer, how I'll be very happy if I get the chance to see the spring. You gave me hope, you said you'll be there with me to see the next spring. Oh wait, did you say that? or it was just my false interpretations? However, I felt that you'll be there with me until the next spring and I'll be very happy when that day comes.
I forgot that before any spring there'll be winter. I can feel that winter is coming now. I'm waiting for you... it's starting to get cold here. Where are you? in another place which still has spring and summer? It's cold here...
You didnt tell me how should I pass this winter. You didnt tell me that you'll be here with me to get through it. Now I can't blame you for not being here.
I might miss the spring again just like what I did before because I'll be sad for not having you with me. Too sad to see even the most beautiful spring.
I will need a season or two to get over you...
Hope you an everlasting spring and summer wherever you are
Because winter is cold and I don't want you to feel it

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