Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Money Before Love

Ok here it goes the deal, it used to be love, love, love that people are concerning about. Now it is money, money, money especially when global economy is in a threat of recession. OH NO!!

We have to admit it that one cant think about love if he/she couldn't even pay the rent and survive the life. Sounds so bitter isn't it? But that's the truth. Imagine that you cant afford to pay your bills, rent, buy nice clothes, eat out. Would you ever have a second to think about love? about finding another person to live with you? Hey, you cant be that selfish to take another person, whom you say you love, to live a miserable life with you and to share your headache on those debts. If you're a good hearted lover, you wouldn't want to take your loved one to suffer with you, would you?

Ok, I hope you get my point. One thing that make me loves this amazing man is that --HE IS FINANCIALLY SECURED--

Money is not the most important thing for me, I even never thought about it much. But having him financially secured will give me comfort as we will not need to worry about the expenses of raising kids later, giving presents to our parents and family, helping the unfortunate people, and celebrating our important occasions such as birthday and wedding anniversary :)
It is important that I don't pay the bills or provide for the family. It is his responsibility and he will get his honor on that :)
My amazing husband has a stable job and earns enough to provide our family. I'm proud of him!

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