Monday, March 9, 2009

I Would Kiss You Under The Rain

This is the third thing my husband posseses. HE IS PASSIONATE
Oneday we had a fight because he forgot our wedding anniversary even after I reminded him the previous day about it. His excuse was that he has been very busy at work that he forgot at all about tonight. We were supposed to have a dinner together at home, where I cooked some of the meal and he would bring the dessert after work.

But that night he came home very late, and not even bothered to let me know earlier. I have waited since evening and got very upset when he finally came home, looking like there was nothing wrong.

I just couldn't say a word to him and went to the backyard just to sit there and calm myself when I suddenly couldn't help my tears from flowing down. He has never been this clueless but tonight I just dont know him. I sobbed and my heart pained so badly. I heard his footsteps behind me, I don't want him to see me crying. It seems Allah listened to my wish, soon the rain started falling and without hesitation I stepped in to it and just stood there crying. He wont see my tears this way. I don't care if he thinks I'm crazy for standing in the rain like that.

He came to me without an umbrella, he hugged me from behind and said to me that he was sorry for tonight. He said, "My wife, I didn't mean to make you sad like this. I know it was my fault for forgetting our special occasion and I'm not asking you to understand why I forgot. But please don't reject me this way, I can't bear you upset on me". He then turned my back and held my face in his hands... looked at me in the eye and then he kissed me softly. I couldn't resist him and just cried even more for feeling so glad that he is still the man I love so much. "I love you more than you know", he wishpered.

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