Sunday, March 8, 2009

When I'm Awake And Sleeping

It's been 3 days I and he exchanging emails... we were discussing about him sending me an aquarium. This idea didn't come out of nowhere, we've talked about it back then that if he find another job he'll buy me one. Time went by and he seemed to forget. I brought it up again, didn't really demand him to buy me one, just wanted to tease him... in fact I would be happy if he just send me anything, his handwritten letter would be wonderful. I could keep it for a lifetime memory.

Today is day 4, he haven't replied to my message. I waited... awake and sleeping. When I was sleeping last night, he came into my dream. Morning came and I woke up expecting his message... still none. I fell asleep again this afternoon and there he was, sent me a message which I barely remember the content. All I know is that I was smiling to get a reply from him.

You fill my brain and my heart... Yes I choose to think about you when I'm awake, but when I sleep why can't you let me be in peace? You invade my dreams. In reality, he's never there... I don't forget, he, my lion is still running free in the jungle.

I remember a song lyric by Rick Price - Heaven Knows

why I live in despair
cause wide awake
or dreaming
I know she's never there

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