Monday, July 14, 2008

Bring Him Closer By Not Doing Anything

This is from Rori Raye - An Expert of Relationship
I think she has a new perspective about how to connect with men. Ooh are you wondering how I got this stuff? hehehe it seems the expert knows who to find.

We believe we have to find a man, approach him, get him talking, interest him, get him to call, make him feel good, show him we're independent by meeting him halfway about everything - where we go on dates, making plans, paying, scheduling, driving - be understanding, make time for him, tell him what we want and pretty much keep things going by DOING something.

At some point in the "relationship," we begin to focus in on him in the way we've been taught. And no matter how self-sufficient and smart and strong we think we are - we turn into "girlfriends" and HOPE that the "relationship" will go where we want it to go. And does this work with a man? No. In fact - it pushes him away!

And this place we find ourselves in - of believing we have to DO something to find, get, and keep the man of our dreams - this is just what we see all around us, and what we've likely done all our lives. So - how to stop DOING?

This shift from Doing to just BEING is the difference between Masculine Energy - which is all
about doing and thinking and acting, and Feminine Energy - which is all about being and feeling and experiencing. Just imagine - if what you want is a man who treats you well, cares for you, and ACTS LIKE A MASCULINE MAN - then what will you get if you initiate, walk up to, Lean Forward, row the rowboat, chat up, chase, call and DO FOR him? What you'll get is: Nothing.

He won't feel a connection with you, because the last thing a Masculine Energy Man wants for a
romantic relationship is another Masculine Energy person. Being with a Masculine Energy woman feels to him like being with a man, a buddy, a friend - dressed up as a lovely woman.

And the reason this is so CHALLENGING for all of us in this moment in history is that we women are just now coming into our own, just now learning how to USE our Masculine Energy to get ahead in our lives and work. We women now want to make a DIFFERENCE in the world, and we need to use our Masculine "Doing" Energy to get this done.

So how do we shift from "Doing" out in the world, in our work and activities - to "Being" with our man? I call this Shifting Hats, and Yes - you can do it!

It's all about feeling stronger on the inside, lifting your self-esteem, getting a really positive attitude about the possibilities out there for you - and then opening up in a soft and warm and NOT DOING way to a man on the outside.

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