Friday, July 11, 2008


There has been a lot of things going on in my life in the past two years. I needed to move to this city and started my first job. It was very hard in the beginning because I have to adapt to the new circumstances in this city as well as in the workplace. My boss was just a Bad boss to me, he never brought peace whenever he's around. We were all so tensed, depressed, stressed under his management. It went on for a year until he resigned and moved to other company. I can tell you that I was so glad about his moving out :)))

That one year was hard at workplace but I felt secure in my love life because I had my boyfriend (call him A) who always be by my side. Then, the second year came... I fell in love with someone else (call him B) and decided to leave my boyfriend. This new guy was never be the right person for me and what happened between me and him was just a dream that turned into a nightmare. I was really in love with him that I thought I have found the love of my life. Honestly, I tell you that I wanted to settle with him. But, he's not really into me. He didn't call me when he said he would. He didn't talk about the future of our relationship. He didn't want to know how I feel. He just didn't care at all. My heart broke and my dreams shattered.

It was a very virtual love story. So I made up my mind that nothing will lead to a reality. It started virtually and it has to end virtually too. He'll just blow away from my mind after some time, right? So this second year was ended with a sad story. I decided to leave him and rebuild my dreams.

Few months since I'm single. This A keeps calling me and tells me that he loves me so much. He asks me to give him another chance to get back with me again. I was recalling all the moments I had with A... those 4.5 years of togetherness. I remembered that we talked about getting married, I told him that I want to get married before my age is 25. He replied, "I think we should wait for some more time, I'm just 24 years old and I think I'm too young to get married. Besides, I need to have enough money first to make sure that I can handle all the expenses regarding this marriage". What do you see from his statement?

I made up my mind that he got his chance and he missed it. He didn't propose me when I expected that from him. So I guess he wasn't really into me.

Someone who is really into me will eventually find me.... will you?

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rizky said...

aku selalu berharap bisa menikahimu saat itu..

dan tidak pernah terbersit sekalipun untuk tidak serius..

yang kupikirkan saat itu hingga terbawa dalam mimpiku adalah bisa membuatmu bahagia..

maafkan aku yg sok logis..
tapi tanpa pekerjaan yg baik.. maka aku yakin tidak akan bisa memberi segala yg kau inginkan...

sama sekali tidak pernah terbersit dipikiranku untuk tidak serius denganmu...

aku benar2 mencintaimu..