Friday, July 4, 2008

What Your Zodiac Says about Cheating

The first one is the most loyal!!

T A U R U S (21 April - 20 May)
#1: Is the most loyal of all zodiac type and the most dependable one. Taurus can be considered as a boring personality to some other zodiacs in term of relationship, because they tend to be too observed and stubborn

L E O (23 July - 22 August)
#2: Their loyalty stems deep from love which make them very sincere and willing to sacrifice many things for their partner. However, sometimes their ego makes them lose their loved one. Leo is a type who hardly forget someone who once entered their life. To the other zodiacs, Leo is considered as a charming one.

V I RG O (23 August - 22 September)
#3: Very careful in choosing their mates. Finding one is already devastating, so Virgo will not even think to cheat. They like to criticizes and fussy, this shows how much they care about their partner. To some other zodiacs, Virgo is considered to be too perfectionist that it could hurt others.

C A P R I C O R N (23 Desember - 20 January)
#4: Their planning on everything has consumed their time. Capricorn tends to think too much about their plans. For some other zodiacs, Capricorn seems to put a boundary in relationship with others. Cheating is just an intermezzo when they are bored.

A Q U A R I U S (21 January - 19 February)
#5: Doesn't like to cheat, but avoid commitment that involve deep emotional interaction. Aquarius tends to think and act distinctively. To the other zodiacs, they are considered to be too radical. If they finally cheating, it is their radical approach to end a relationship with their partner who couldn't follow their way of thinking.

L I B R A (23 September - 22 October)
#6: The hardest one to make a choice. Experiencing difficulties in expressing their selves. They often think in two ways for every aspect, thus Libra considered as secretive and 'not easy to know' type.

G E M I N I (21 May - 20 June)
#7: Need to be pampered to keep them away from cheating. Always want to be pampered and cared by their loved one. To some other zodiacs, Gemini is the type who constantly change

S A G I T A R I U S (23 November - 22 December)
#8: Easily tempted to cheat. Their expansive basic trait leads them to try new things as well as in relationship. To some other zodiacs, Sagitarius is considered as shiny and 'full of life vitality' type

A R I E S (21 Maret - 20 April)
#9: Need to be cautiously watched so that their passion doesn't go too much. Enthusiasm makes their desire burns to take an adventure in every thing. To some other zodiacs, Aries is considered as a warm type in term of relationship

C A N C E R (21 June - 22 July)
#10: The home queen, but once they go out they love to show their charm. Cancer always want to take care of their partner. Highly sensitive, they are very careful to not to hurt or get hurt. Cancer is considered as a very reserved type, makes certain other zodiacs impatient because it takes time to develop relationship with them.

S C O R P I O (23 October - 22 November)
#11: Will not let the temptation passes just like that. To them, temptation is another form of attention and rarely ignored by them. Scorpio is popular as an excellent lover. To some other zodiacs, they are considered as expressive lover.

P I S C E S (20 February - 20 March)
#12: The cheater who proclaim their selves as loyal lover. Pisces is very romantic in a way that cheating can be a wonderful experience in their life.

Should I be a Pisces or Aquarius? 19th Feb here is Aquarius but I feel more compelled to Pisces.... hehehe I'm not that bad know, I think I can be very loyal to the man I love the most.

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rizky said...

wuih zodiaz saya paling setia..

bokis tu hani kalo bilang bisa setia ma co yg paling dicinta..

sekali ga setia ya ga akan pernah punya sifat setia selamanya...

semua hanya untuk yang sempurna..
sayangnya selalu ada yg lebih sempurna.. :)