Saturday, July 19, 2008

Love Actually

... aww it was so touching, I have just finished watching "Love Actually" and this movie was full of heart warming scenes. Let me write down some of the parts that I like about this movie:

1. He is a very important person, a prime minister. And she is just an ordinary woman. But, she stole his heart since the very first time just because she is simple. 

2. He was on a wedding of his beloved one. But he wasn't the man who stood as the groom... it was his bestfriend who was that lucky guy. He recorded every moment of that wedding, every angle of her face, every move she made, every word she said.

3. She eventually found out that he loves her all this time after seeing the tape. She was stunned.

4. He didn't speak her language, but he eventually learned the language because he wants to tell her so much that he loves her.

5. They are apart, ten thousand miles away. No calls, no news. But tonight he made up his mind that he will find her. He took the last flight and ran to her.

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