Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Morning

Good morning! how was your sleep last night? I hope you slept well and dreamed something nice :) Unfortunately I still couldn't sleep enough... yeah those mosquitos really bugged me. I killed many of them, see their dead bodies on my floor? hehehe my blood is not for free, it takes your life to enjoy it. I dreamed something about sports, I played ping-pong, swim, and run but I was a loser... Didn't do them right even in a dream huhuhu.

Did you dream about me last night? No? hehehe no problem, that's normal because you don't even know me that much. But if you did dream about me, then I can tell you that you're on the way to fall in love with me.. for sure. Hahaha what?? do you want to say something? Do you think I'm a nut girl for writing things like this as if I'm talking to someone? Oh well, let it be. It's 8am here and am still on my bed, don't feel like going anywhere :P The weather is good outside, and my small garden here outside my room is looking fine too. I have some plants that grow flowers, there are yellow, pink, dark pink, and red flowers. But I don't have roses.... Hmm one day my husband will make a garden of roses for me hahahaha.

I just got a call from my ex boyfriend, he told me that one of his rabbit died and guess what was the name of that rabbit... DOKO! he used to call me doko dolog, and that's why he named his two rabbits with Doko and Dolog hehehe. Allright, I got to go... see you soon :)

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