Saturday, August 2, 2008


Good morning my dear friend...

I slept enough last night and thank God that the mosquitos didn't disturb me. On this Saturday morning, early of August... what can I share with you? By the way, last night I went golfing with my friends. It was not really golfing because what we did was driving, learning how to swing the stick and how to hit the ball as far as we can. It was fun though, I will need a glove and more practice :)

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the movie I watched two days ago. I'm sorry for not being able to write as often as I did before. The movie was "The X-Files" and it was thrilling. There was a priest who has been accused for conducting sex abuse to his male students. He grew old regretting his sins and kept asking for God's forgiveness. I noted his comments when a woman blame him for what he had done

"Where is this uncontrollable desires come from? Where is this disgusting appetite come from?"

"Not from me... I have castrated myself a long time ago"

I think what he said is true... it is God who gave him the wrong desires, but still God also wanted him to be close to Him by giving the feeling of regret inside his heart. It is not what someone had done in the past which matter, but how someone learns from the past and then does the good thing in his present life. God is the most merciful, he will welcome anyone who seeks His blessings.

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