Monday, August 18, 2008

Azeem Is Engaged!!!!!

Frita: assalamualaikum Azeem

Azeem: wailakum asalam frita. how are you?

Frita: i'm good here thx. u?

Azeem: Im good! so busy

Frita: ooh working on homeworks?

Azeem: yes homework. lots of writing

Frita: :) good luck. but u like it so far ?

Azeem: yeah I like LA. ive been keeping busy. i should probably tell you this. so you know, but I recently got engaged actually

Frita: ooh really? with who?

Azeem: especially with our history. I should tell her that. yeaah a girl from out here. we met through a friend

Frita: wow that's fast. i'm surprised

Azeem: yeaah

Frita: but also happy for you :)

Azeem: it all happened really quickly. thank you

Frita: so after engagement.. there should be a marriage

Azeem: yes, not sure when though

Frita: hehe. tell me more about her

Azeem: well shes three years younger than me. a student of architecture

Frita: she's pakistani too?

Azeem: yeah

Frita: that's great

Azeem: urdu speaking pakistani though. so a little different culturally

Frita: have u brought her to meet ur parents?

Azeem: yes. her family came right before I came here and they met my family and everyone got along

Frita: hmm sound so sweet

Azeem: shes really cool though. we get along really well. shes into music and art and things too

Frita: aww just like a fairy tale things

Azeem: she plays the drums in a band

Frita: u and her suddenly meet and fall in love aww

Azeem: yeah its so quick

Frita: hehehe

Azeem: but we're so similar and get along well

Frita: good good

Azeem: so I've been happy with it

Frita: i'm sure u are and i'm really happy to know this news

Azeem: thank you. I guess its been a while for us. so time makes that easier

Frita: hope everything goes well between u two :)

Azeem: thank you. keep me in your dua

Frita: yeah i've handled things pretty well, so i'm fine :) sure i will pray for u

Azeem: thank you. I will keep you in my duas too

Frita: thank you too and dont forget to tell me if u have the wedding date

Azeem: ook prob next summer, maybe beginning of the summer we're thinking

Frita: hmm next may?

Azeem: possibly. we dont have a date yet, we'll figure that out soon. we're having an engagement party on the 30th of this month. my family is all flying out

Frita: that'll be a big occasion

Azeem: yeah that will be exciting

Frita: wish u all the best :)

Azeem: i wish all the best for you too!

Frita: thanks. wow i'm still surprised, things went so fast in ur part of the world

Azeem: yeah well other things too... I decided to drop out of library school

Frita: i will have to catch up soon hehehe


wow my heart is pounding so fast hahaha, oh my God it is really a news! He must be a very good guy, this way Allah has led him to his soulmate in an unpredictable ways... but fast, easy, and wonderful!!! I wish you all the best Azeem :)

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