Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ladies.. Check This Out!

I found a link on google, it is an e-book in which many heart-warming stories from women are written. Oh hoo they are so sweet... reading it makes me feel like I was taken to the place where the stories were lived. It felt like visiting an old place, seeing those friendly faces, smelling the air, feeling the warm weather, and hearing the chanting of the crowd.

"A Cup of Comfort for Women in Love"

By the way, have you been in the beach on the early evening, like at 4-5pm? choose a secluded one, or atleast one which is not really crowded. Watch the waves touch the shore, feel the wind breeze on your face, and hear the sound of the sea through your soul... you're alone, no one else with you, but you enjoy the moment and feel at ease as the sea embraces you. I like to call that kind of feeling as UU

By the way, those are poppy flowers in the picture. I don't know where was it, but the building looks like a Greek's creation. Old shattered things, dreams, or memories can be beautiful in some ways :)

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