Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Funny Lion


This chapter is for you, as well as the previous ones in which I mentioned the word "you", it refered to you. It was a very nice time I had with you for the last 1.5 months. If you remember, we first chatted on 17 June and talked much almost everyday since then. Ofcourse it was not everyday, because you wouldn't come online when you're not at work. That days off made me miss you a lot. 

I thank you for cheering up my days after the hard times I had with Azeem. You are funny and amiable that I love being around you... I mean I love talking with you and sharing stories. You have many interesting, stupid, and silly stories which you openly shared with me and this is just not a trait that I can find easily from others. Not many people are able to express their thoughts and feelings and share them with someone else without being afraid that they will be judged for their stupid mistakes or silly acts. You just did it well, and I think that is what I like about you.

Ooh I did it again, I told you that I don't like you calling me "friend" and I feel like angry on you when you tell me about your dates. I wish I had a heart of stone that I wouldn't feel anything for you hehehe I'm sorry for making you scared of my abundant emotios. If you remember... I asked you back then, "do you think we will still talking to each other on August?" and you replied, "ofcourse, why not?". Now, the very first day of August... I'm waiting to see you online and talk to you, but you didn't show up. I sent you email asking how's thing goin there, but you didn't reply. Saadat, you guessed it wrong... we don't talk anymore on August.

If I can have one thing regarding you, all I want is that I can be your best friend... a friend that you will not leave when she says "I like you and your companion", a friend to whom you can share any stories with, without being afraid that she will angry on you because you date another girls :) How's that possible?

Afterall, this farewell from you does not hurt less. I'm going to feel sad for the couple of months, especially when I go online and will not find you anymore there. But, once again thanks for being there on my hard times... my funny lion, live happily in your jungle.

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