Thursday, June 26, 2008

aaaah it makes me frustrated

Why should I answer his phone? if each time I talked with him only making me feel bad and upset :( It is driving me mad!!
He was talking like he's the good guy and I'm the bad girl. Gave me speeches about life and how to treat others ooh my God... why I feel bad about this? Why I don't like to hear it from him?
Is it because I'm really a bad girl and he just points out the correct spots? or is it because I don't trust him of what he's saying? I don't see him as a good guy like what he told me.
He said since I left, he has changed a lot. He reads Quran and pray more often, he feels happy about his job because he can help poor people out there. But why I hate the way he's telling it to me? What I feel is that he's an arrogant, trying to put me down by indirectly telling me that there's many things I need to learn about this life.
Astaghfirullah... please ya Allah, forgive me for being this mad while someone else is trying to tell me about good things.

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