Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I was at the masjid this morning for Subuh namaz. After we finished the namaz, the leader told us to stay for a while to witness a man who will join Islam. This man was a Chinese Buddhist, and he has a step father who were a monk. He said that he wanted to be a muslim because he wants to study Qur'an deeper. He was also inspired by his step father who has joined Islam 3 years ago.
Do you curious about how a monk finally decided to convert his faith? So, it was a long time ago when his friend gave him Qur'an which is written in Chinese language. As he read the Qur'an, he found out that Islam teaches more good things compares to what he has learned as a Buddhist monk. He felt compelled to this religion of Allah, and thus he decided to join Islam.

This is the steps:
1. Say Syahadat - Ashadu ala ilaha ilallah, wa ashadu anna muhammadar rasulullah
2. Say and understand the meaning of Syahadat - there is no God other than Allah, and the Prophet Muhammad saw is His messenger
3. Commit to fulfill 5 pillars of Islam - Syahadat, Shalat/namaz, fasting on Ramadhan, Zakat/tithe, and Hajj

May Allah leads him on His way till the end of his time... amien

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