Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First Talk

hmm I'd like to see how this message will appear here?? it feels strange writing down my thoughts and put it in public hehehe but I'd like to find out if there are some people who might think that my thoughts and heart talks are interesting to them... I'd love to know you then :)

it's early morning here my friend (ooh do I have any friend here?), I'm at office and just starting my day. Do you want to know what my job is? I'm an equity sales, I make several calls each morning to my clients... give them a market update about stocks, domestic and international news, and make a 5 mins sales speech on equity research report written by the analysts. After those calls, all I need to do is waiting for an order from my clients to buy or sell a stock.
So here it is, the market is open and goes down again :( Wait it goes up now hehehe it moves so fast like a rollercoaster, I'm sure you will never be bored if you invest your money on stock market. I wish my life moves like a rollercoaster.... I find it so plain lately....
I will tell you later about why this is happening to my life

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