Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Outing

Paintball war!! weew it made my body aching everywhere :(
So this weekend me and my friends went for an outing at Bogor, it's 2 hours driving from Jakarta. We played paintball war in the morning, had lunch near the Presidential House, and then spent night by karaoke. So let me tell you a little about each activity :) ooh not interested? haha I will keep writing though.

Paintball war is an outdoor game, we wear army suit, get a gun with some bullets made from paintball, and finally we have to shoot the enemies.... Hunt them down! The setting was jungle area, and I just have to stop many times to catch my breath because I'm not used to running here and there, crawling on the ground, and hiding behind the trees.... what a lousy army hahaha. But I did get my friends down! I shot them on head, legs and hands uups sorry if it hurts. It was fun, but one of my friend got shoot on her forehead and it swelled plus bleeding... hey it was not me who shot her. We were all very tired but also cheered up.

After taking a shower, we went for a lunch near the presidential house. The place was nice and has a beautiful scenery. Nothing much about this lunch, we were all full and happy :)

Night came, we went back to Jakarta and decided to have karaoke... singing the sad songs, yeah most of us is single and still broken hearted, that's why we sang sad songs hehehe. Do you have any idea for us to do? I sang "One last cry" by Brian Mcknight.... yeah I love this song, even when I had a boyfriend, I still sang this song. You should listen to it, a very touching song.
So that's all about the weekend!

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