Monday, June 30, 2008

Day Dreaming

Why many people say that true love doesn't exist? It makes me wondering if my parents got married without really felt a true love for each other... then how come they're still be together until now? Many people will say that it's the responsibilities to the children and to the community rules that bound them together although they might not feel any love at all for each other anymore. But I'd like to see it in a more romantic opinion... I do believe that they still have the love for each other, no matter what kind of love that is, it is one thing that bound them together until their old ages :)

I was born as a girl and gifted with a very deep trust on love, and as a complement I also inherit romantic soul and love to day dreaming. It's not always fun to have all of these traits because it hurts when my real life isn't as beautiful as what I'm dreaming of. Ok ok I know that everyone faces the same problem like that, but I tell you honestly that what I'm dreaming of are something beyond what most people could imagine hehehe... they are all too beautiful, too fairy tale, and too romantic... they're all just too good to be true.

Another thing that makes it uneasy to live with deep faith in love and have a romantic soul is that most people don't see it as a healthy and logic way of thinking. They would tell me to stop dreaming and just live the reality, nothing such as true love and I will not find my prince charming in this life episode. Uuh I hate when they tell me that and I just don't want to give up now. I will still have another 40 years to live and I will use it to the very best to find the love of my life....
Hi! where have you been all this times my love? You will have to treat me good for keeping me waiting for you this long. I'm sure that it will not take a big effort from you to make me happy because you just know exactly what to do and you do it from your heart ... all based on your love for me.

Hahaha I know it sounds silly, but that's the words I always want to tell him one day I meet him. He will be very happy to hear that and I can see myself in his starry eyes. I will never hesitate and doubt in telling him "I love you" because he is also very brave in showing his love to me all the time all the way. He will always make me proud to have him. Because he's simply "my man".

What can we do now? what if a little chat before lunch break? Ooh you want to take me to see the sunset this evening... where? yeah right, we can just go outside the office building and watch the sun sets, that would be nice. Ok, I'll be waiting for your call tonight before bed time. You know, I always like to hear your voice because it makes me feel secure and loved. See you later my man... I love you (wherever you are now, we will meet one day)

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