Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sleepy zz zzz

Uff I can't keep my eyes open, I need to sleep now... aah wake up wake up! okay, I'll just write something here to keep me awake. Last night I came back from Bali at 12.30am in the morning, and I slept only 3 hours. That's why I'm feeling very sleepy this evening... uuh still need to be in the office for another 3 hours.
My friend, I miss him so much.. this is the guy who has taken my heart and has broken it too. His name is Azeem. He is simply the best I ever had and too good to be true... it is proven. Now I lost him. It's been two months since he left, though we still talk sometime, but I didn't feel him there for me, I'm desperately broken hearted.
If at all you read this Azeem... I miss you like crazy

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