Friday, June 20, 2008

What Color Is My Personality?

Tickle said: RED

Reds are out-spoken, stubborn, and dramatic. They enjoy being the center of attention and have no problem saying what’s on their mind. A red will fight when challenged, and stand up for themselves and what they believe in (even if they know their wrong). The temperamental type: when a red feels an emotion, it’s usually a strong one and they tend to have a tough time hiding it; either that, or they don’t feel like it. You can tell when a red is upset, and it doesn’t take much to tread on their temper. Luckily, reds are changeable and don’t tend to stay angry for too long. Although reds may pick fights if they’re in a bad mood or sometimes, just for fun, they make strong friends. A red is the one in a group that steps into the lead and watches out for the other members. Because of their sturdy personality, reds often attract friends who are frailer in spirit or prefer to follow, and that’s alright with them. Reds prefer to be at large and in charge. A red is most compatible with a yellow or blue. But reds don’t mix well with other reds. While they may be able to coexist for short periods of time, reds tend to get on each other’s nerves before long and tempers flare. But for all of a red’s liveliness, they never have a problem with slowing down for a relaxing day of down time or showing off their style at the beach. Rock on Red!

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