Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Intern from German

Hi there reader :)

I spent the first session of today's working day with a nice activities. I went to a company visit this morning with some of my colleagues, Sebastian (my boss), Novrita (my friend), and Dominic Hoffmann (intern from German). We visited Hexindo, it is a heavy equipment distributor of Hitachi Construction Manufactur- Tokyo, which share price has gone up significantly in the last few trading days. Some of our clients are curious about what is going on with this company's fundamental or its operation performance, and why the share price went up so fast. Hexindo's corporate secretary mentioned that they're going to sign a new contract with KPC, one of the biggest coal mining company in Indonesia, to supply giant excavators as a main heavy equipment in the KPC mining area. So we guess that's the reason why the share price went up recently as investors see a potential earnings upgrade for Hexindo.

Me, Novrita, and Dominic was sitting in the back seat of the office car, and there was our first conversation taking place. Dominic is 21 years old and doing his intern in my company for 3 months. It has been 3 weeks for him now, and he said that he enjoyed his work so far. I always wanted to talk to him, I think it's nice to know new people especially if he comes from abroad. We can see how their communication style differs from local people, and also to improve my english conversation skill. He is a nice person, smart, and also good looking hehe. The best part is that he laughed easily. We got lost on the way to Hexindo and the car was crashed by other car, but he laughed at it, I think he enjoyed the ride.

After that, we went for lunch at Loro Djongrang Restaurant, it is an Indonesian resto with old and ancient interior design. We ordered some food, which is not very familiar for Dominic, but he looked fine with it except for the chilly which was too hot for him that made him sweat hehe.

Second session went fast too, I talked with a new friend from internet named Saadat. He is a Leo, lives in Dallas- Texas, and a very nice guy to talk to. Saadat actually comes from Pakistan, but he moved to Dallas when he was 21 to study there. He didn't have much money to pay for his school fee, thus he needed to work at a gas station. However, everything is much better now. He is 28 years old, and he is working as a network engineer with night shift. So when I talked with him this afternoon, it was early morning in his place.. around 3am.

Alright, time is up now, I will tell you something more tomorrow.

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